October 3rd-5th, 2019

Hands-On Pediatric Airway Surgery

2nd Edition

R. Butantã 285 - Pinheiros, Sao Paulo - SP 05424-140

About the Course

This Hands-On is for Otolaryngologists Head & Neck Surgeons, Pediatric Surgeons, Ped Thoracic Surgeons, Bronchopulmonary Pediatricians, Anesthesiologists and Craniofacial Plastic Surgeons. Subjects related to airway disorders, diagnosis and treatment will be argued.

The Hands-on procedures will be done in small goats larynx. The dissection procedures scheduled are as follows: Laryngotracheal Reconstruction, Cricotracheal Resection & Extended PCTR, Slide Tracheoplasty, Tracheal Resection, Cartilage Graft Carving, Balloon Dilation, Posterior Tracheopexy, Endoscopic Vocal Cord Lateralization, Endoscopic AP Cricoid Split, and Endoscopic Posterior Graft.

Surgical tips & tricks will be performed by Prof. Philippe Monnier, Prof. Patricio Varela, and Prof. Russell Jennings, who are all experts on these procedures.

Meeting Information

Languages: English and Spanish
Local currency: Real

Conference Information

Mrs. Monica Lira
+54 11 94112 2593

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October 3rd
Conference Day – R. Butantã 285 - Pinheiros, Sao Paulo - SP 05424-140
Conference Room
60 participants
Lectures about the highlights and pitfalls of Pediatric Airway Surgery.
International professors will share their expertise about diagnosis and management in airway procedures.

October 4th
Hands-On Day - R. Butantã 285 - Pinheiros, Sao Paulo - SP 05424-140
Animal Laboratory
32 participants

Simulation in surgical training has recently gained an important role in medical educational programs. Living and non-living animal models have been used for this training. Simulation in ex-vivo animals reduces undesired outcomes, providing education, based on active learning in a low-risk environment while improving knowledge, technique and non-technical skills.

This hands-on course emphasizes dissections in ex-vivo animal models.
Participants will be able to perform endoscopic and open surgeries, such as balloon dilations, supraglottoplasty, mold placement, laryngotracheal reconstructions, partial cricotracheal resection, tracheal anastomosis, and slide tracheoplasty, in excised goat laryngeal.
*For the participants who do not enroll in the Hands-on Course. The professor’s dissections that are performed in the lab will be transmitted to the Conference Room.

October 5th
Live Broadcast Surgeries / Endoscopic Procedures - Hospital Operating Room
Hospital Auditorium
60 participants

On the Operating Room Day, a live broadcast from O.R. to the auditorium will take place, showing the procedures being performed by the professors.
There will be discussions about diagnosis and management of airway conditions (laryngomalacia, congenital and acquired laryngotracheal stenosis, intubation injuries, and complex airway anomalies). The clinical cases are going to be discussed with the audience, while they are scoped by professors. Afterward, the surgeries will occur.

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Registrations fees

Full Course (3th - 5th) Conference + Hands-on (Lab) + Live Broadcast (O.R Procedures)
Half Course (3th - 5th) Conference + Live Broadcast (O.R Procedures)
* not able to practice the Hands-On Course

Inscriptions up to
Inscriptions up to
Full Course (3th - 5th) R$ 5.310,00 R$ 6.100,00
Half Course (3th - 5th) R$ 2.500,00 R$ 3.000,00
Special rates for residents, students and fellows. Send us an email for more information Click here to register!

Hands-On Course

1st edition (2018)

The 1st edition of the course happened in June 2018.
There were three days of great learning and knowledge all about the pediatric airway field. The training included open and endoscopic procedures, such as placement of LT molds, supraglottic surgeries, laryngeal, cricotracheal & tracheal resection, anastomosis, and slide tracheoplasty procedures, with the conference, hands-on in animal models and a live surgery day, as you can see in the pictures below.